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Mind - Emotion - Body:
In a given context, the student, as an human being, facing an external event (for example an exam in a classroom) will experience the situation in three interdependent zones of the brain:
1. The MIND: it thinks!
It memorizes and operates rules and beliefs. It holds representations of the reality. It generates simulations and scenarios "what if". It optimizes rules exploitation to find best strategies. It performs symbolic computation like number, language, formula, transformation and equivalence. It creates new ideas. OakEdu takes care only of the MIND part.
2. The EMOTION: it feels!
The brain experiences feelings like fear, happiness, sadness, anger as a result of some external events which trigger internal beliefs to be respected or not. Bad emotions are the result of unsatisfied beliefs, expectations not reached or a bad sequence of micro behaviours. Good feelings are the best motivation for any behaviour and thought. OakEdu will not focus on this zone, unless it is hindering the intellectual development of the student.
3. The BODY: it moves!
The brain commands micro behaviours like the hand, in order to write down thoughts or emotion. OakEdu will not focus on this zone.
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