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Structure - Process - Content:

Cognitive science could organize the human experience in three parts. All the academic "content" makes sense only when "processed" within a given "structure":
-   The STRUCTURE is the "anatomy", the hardware, static, the walls and the manner beams and pillars are arranged in the building, the topology of the mountains and oceans of a territory. It cannot change easily, unless an earthquake occurs. The structure of knowledge is the tongue (English, French), the people, the physical materials, the way the planets and galaxies are arranged in the universe, etc. For the arithmetic skill, the structure is the Number Theory underlying all reality, or preexisting mathematical phenomena like "ratio Pi" or "dimensions". OakEdu does NOT take care of the structure.
-   The PROCESS is the dynamic part, the "physiology", the movement of the content. Interaction between individuals, dialogs, question-answer loop, sequence of operations like fact-hypothesis-testdesign-testing-testresult-hypothesisverifiedornot, gathering information in a library, distortion-abstraction-generalization, similarities-differences, past-present-future, translation, association-dissociation, etc. For the arithmetic skill, the processes are like "multiplication" or "factorization". OakEdu's skills curriculum is on the process level.
-   The CONTENT is the "flesh", the matter on which the processes work, within the frame of the structure. This is the bread and butter, the juice or the food. For OakEdu, the main content is Geography, History, Mathematics, English, music, biology, etc. In any system, once the structure is stable and the processes are in place, most of the activities are taking place in the content level. This is the basics. For the arithmetic skill, the figures like "5" are the content. OakEdu's academic curriculum is on the content level.

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