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Pedagogy Techniques (sample):

The sessions are often highly interactive and activities are sufficiently varied in order to keep the student focused on the completion of tasks: brainstorming, experimenting, exploring with a guide, interviewing, kinesthetic activity, investigation, building prototype, writing structured memo, giving a lecture, researching, completing homework alone, group decision making, mapmaking, role playing, hide and seek, redirecting student focus, probing, reinforcing, asking higher-order questions, allowing more time for student to answer... Here are some typical questions the tutor often asks students.

Students have to master verbal and arithmetic skills in order to become literate. It is not very useful to teach more elaborate skills as long as the basics are not mastered. Therefore, OakEdu focuses on having the student acquire a solid foundation in the elementary forms of communication and quantification. Complex mathematics problems, questions on geography , traditional curriculum school subjects and elaborate science handbooks in higher grades can then be learned.

Teaching a new concept starts with several examples, linked with what the student already knows. To avoid words just going in one ear and out the other, the tutor helps students build meaning and experience over the new concept. For example, an understanding of numbers is built on the basis of concrete tasks - such as dividing a pie to share. The student grasps reality with direct immediate feedback and meaningful perceptions. Starting from a familiar ground, learning is just a small extension into unknown territories (see constructivism). By analogy, the pattern then emerges and the abstract model gradually takes shape .

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