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After the industrial age, now is the information age. Computer power and software improve every year. In education, the teacher becomes more a helper, guide and catalyst because information is everywhere readily available, through computers and libraries. Parents offering their children computer access at home intuitively have understood that it means a higher quality of education. A computer is like an interactive book, detailed oriented, listing facts and developing problem-solving skills. Good videogames develop strategy, management, risk taking and backup plans. The student future career depends on her/his computer literacy.

However, even with proper educational software (few are optimized and efficient), studying alone is too difficult. It needs excellent material, auto-discipline, strong motivation, etc. To make it efficient, a real person is needed. The software is just a machine, a program, more or less predictable. It has to be an interaction, not human to machine (too dry, sterile), but human to human. Computers offer a visual to discuss meaning, to interpret, through a live interaction. A tutor can provide the human part, creating incentives, motivation, replying as an interlocutor, a repeater, a feedback provider, guiding as an orientator and even inspiring as a mentor or a role model. What makes software educational is the human factor: the dialog about the information. By asking questions, raising points and trying to guess what will happen, the tutor makes the computer a live learning tool. All academic subjects like French, history, geography, maths for example, can be mastered using a computer, complementing books and other media. This is how knowledge can rise.

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