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Pedagogy customization:

OakEdu is based on quality and flexibility. We provides the student with rare skills and a deep general knowledge, shaping an encyclopedic genius mind.

The customized pedagogy gives a much greater control over what is learnt to the parents. Most parents don't question what their children are learning at school and why. They figure if everyone is following along, it must be a good destination. Unfortunately, like in the story of blind followers of "Les moutons de Panurge", the mass of followers is no guarantee over the quality of the goal. In fact, the more "industrialized" is the education, the less quality it has, just because mass production needs stable standard, blind dumb automation and no exception. In mass education, there is neither place for rare skills nor a deep general knowledge approach. However, those are the ones which make the difference.

At OakEdu, because there is neither stressful exam nor industrial constraints, the student learns at her/his own pace. The student is neither limited by the arbitrary grade placement, nor consequences of budget cuts, staff management problems, organizational or other administrative school system counter-productive policies. The official educational goal is not truncated by the procedures or principles edicted by the management. At OakEdu, the educational goal is paramount, everything is done in order to have the student LEARN.

OakEdu's tutors always personalize the relationship with the student, so that the student feels unique and recognized as a clear distinct identity. Personal interests, hobbies and experiences are discussed. Every student possesses already a certain amount of knowledge, be it in craft, in music, in social, sportive, academics, etc. It is fundamental to identify this starting point because all the curriculum will be built on this basis (constructivism).

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